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When you think about it, commuting at speed and/or at altitude is not the most natural thing to do. We're built for walking, not whooshing. Our minds may be excited by it, but our animal bodies often have a hard time on long journeys; immobility, persistent noise levels, jetlag…

Listening to nature can keep your senses grounded and at normal pace. Programming sounds corresponding to particular times of day may even help your body feel less jet lagged. If you're one of those folks susceptible to travel anxiety, nature can at least put your senses somewhere restful.

And its not just the long journeys... Commuting is a great opportunity to get your daily dose of nature. Slip on your headphones, and you are off to work along a rainforest path.

This selection of recordings are sonically rich enough to be listened to in otherwise noisy circumstances, and have a positive, uplifting atmosphere.

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Time for the Tarkine

Free Download Album. A listening journey into the Tarkine - the largest temperate rainforest in the Southern hemisphere.

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Tropical Queensland Rainforest

Three soundscapes from the world heritage tropical rainforests of North Queensland.

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Uluru - Australia's Red Centre

A sonic journey to Uluru (Ayers Rock), and the biodiverse desert landscapes of central Australia.

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Welcome to the Atlantic Forest

By Juan Pablo Culasso. Beautiful birdsong is heard during a day in Brazil's Atlantic rainforest.

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