About our album samples:

Audio samples are generally 3 minutes in duration.

Many of our albums are quite diverse, with recordings from different locations and times of day. In this case we'll sample various tracks to give you a feel for the whole. With more ambient and unchanging albums, you'll probably be listening to a representative excerpt.

Our samples are hosted with Soundcloud, an independent audio platform, whihc offers a graphic interface and the ability to embed comments. For many albums, we've added comments to guide you through what you're hearing on the sample. Just let the clip play, and they'll briefly pop up at the appropriate time.

If for some reason (compatibility or bandwidth problems) the soundcloud player fails to load, click here to access the sample for this album as a downloadable mp3 file.

Image Gallery for each album:

The gallery presents a selection of images to help you visualise what you're hearing. They have often been taken at the very locations where the sounds were recorded, and show feature birds and animals heard on the album.

You can listen to the audio sample and view the gallery at the same time. When you open the Image Gallery window, the soundcloud player on the main album page will stop playing, and you can begin listening to the gallery-embedded player.

Some of these images may be available for purchase as art prints. If they're not listed on our Art Prints page, email us to ask about a custom print.

View locations on Google Earth:

You will need to have Google Earth installed. Our links will download a small .kmz file, which can be opened with the Google Earth application. The file will 'fly' you to the exact spot where we made the recording.

A tip: You may like to set Google Earth as the default application to open .kmz files. Clicking the link will then seamlessly launch Google Earth, and take you to the location (works this way on macs anyway).