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Surf, Beach and Shoreline

Imagine yourself on an ocean beach, your senses filled with the timeless flow of the ocean.

Crystalline waves curl and break languidly, sending foam hissing onto golden sands. Later, at a pebble beach, we hear smooth ocean-worn stones rolling on the shoreline, and finally, gentle waves washing up on the beach of a sheltered bay.

"This album was recorded on a field trip down the south coast of NSW, Australia. There are miles of wild beaches in this part of the country, and the varying topography of the shore gave endlessly different wavebreak effects. Many of these recordings were made in the middle of the night, when the onshore winds had died down, making for stiller recording conditions, and to an extent, calmer waters. Sitting in the dark, with the sound of wavewash filling my senses, was deeply restful."

"In recording the sound though, I was aware that what I felt at the time, did not always translate to the recording. Often the wave dynamics I perceived were lost on the recording, which came out as a continual roar. So I was continually searching for beaches that offered a clear dynamic in the wavewash, and often this was found in smaller beaches with simpler wavebreaks."

"Of all these beaches, the subtle roll of stones at the pebble beach I found the most engaging. It was a challenge to record the pebble rattles so close to the waveline without getting the microphones wet, but I found a steep section of the beach that offered some protection. What I like is that you can really hear the elemental surge of surf."

This album consists of 3 tracks, each from a different location.

0:00 - Surf on Sand
This comes from a beach with a relatively simple wavebreak, giving good wash dynamics.

31:57 - Pebble Beach Wash
Here, you are listening from a position about 2 feet from the edge of the wavewash, on a steep section of cobble beach. So the waves are breaking right in front of you, and the larger waves rattle big, polished black stones, particularly on the outwash.

47.09 - Glassy Sea in a Sheltered Bay
This tiny bay was an unexpected find, and late in the afternoon, relatively sheltered from any wind. It felt very tranquil, yet like all the locations on this album, this beach received the swell rolling off the Southern Pacific Ocean.

Extensive sections of the south NSW coast are protected from development in national parks, such as Mimosa Rocks NP. As well as the beaches, these parks protect fragile coastal ecosystems which are integral to the dune and beach areas.

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