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Khao Yai

In the depths of Thailand's Khao Yai rainforest, birdsong filters down from the dense foliage above like shafts of sunlight.

Bulbuls, barbets, drongos, flycatchers, doves and laughing thrushes are heard calling occasionally during their forays through the canopy. Meanwhile a soft susuration of insects permeates the tropical air, and from far off in the distance come faint hints of gibbon song.

This is a single, unedited recording; a spacious ambience that changes gradually as time passes.

"This recording was made one morning while Sarah and I were photographing elsewhere in the forest. I left the microphones on just to see what they might capture. It was mid morning, and the rainforest was quietening down as the day progressed. At the time, I felt I hadn't got much at all - that it was all pretty quiet.

"It was only later, when I listened afresh, that I appreciated how relaxing this occasional birdsong and spacious atmosphere is to listen to."

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