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In the southern highlands of southeast Australia, a tributary creek flows through eucalypt forest to meet the main Tantawangalo Creek.

Tree ferns line its banks, and water flows by mossy stones and through pools rich with water weeds. From the surrounding forest come occasional snatches of birdsong.

This recording puts you at the water's edge, listening to the soft sound of the creek rippling on its way.

"I've learned that recording the sounds of flowing water is not as straightforward as one may imagine. Water has a life of its own, one might say. Whilst streams may sound the same the world over, each has its own sonic character, which changes significantly as one explores along its banks.

"Placing microphones I've found to be a process of careful consideration. Where are the sonics the most interesting? Does a nice little set of rapids actually sound more like a raging torrent (they often do!)? How close to the stream should I record, in order to get a balance between water and surrounding ambience and birdsong? How can stereo placement communicate the landscape - should the stream 'flow' left to right, or be more in the centre with birdsong around it?

"On this occasion I found a section of the creek that sounded lovely - with water flowing not too little as to 'dribble', nor too much as to form white noise. I hope you enjoy sitting and listening as I did."

The location of this recording was Six Mile Creek, which flows into Tantawangalo Creek only a few hundred metres from where I placed my microphones. There is a small camping area nearby.

The entire catchment of these creeks and rivers is protected by the South East Forests National Park. That national parks protect water catchments, forests, birds and wildlife is to be celebrated and actively supported. Hooray for parks!

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