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Tikarpada - An Indian Forest Stream

A light morning mist hangs in the air, as a stream winds its way through an Indian lowland forest.

From the surrounding gallery forest, birdsong - including parakeets, orioles, barbets, whiteyes, bulbuls, babblers and doves - drifts over the sound of gently gurgling water.

This is a single unedited recording, placing you on the banks of the stream in the midst of the forest.

"If you have read my story about the making of our 'Indian Jungle Dawn' album, this recording was made the morning we were unable to go to our preferred location. At the time, I was disappointed and frustrated, thinking we'd missed out on a better opportunity. But on listening back afterward, the location we ended up was perfect.

"This really is a lovely recording, with a nice balance of birdsong and the flowing of water."

The location of this recording is within Satkosia National Park, in the eastern state of Orissa.

Whilst we found the Indian Parks Service delightfully beaurocratic, they do a fine job of protecting the lands under their care. When we were there we met researchers and passionate forest wardens. This is not to say that there aren't problems to be dealt with; poachers, villagers running their cattle in parks or even clearing lands illegally, and corrupt politicians who assist all this. But overall, we found Indian parks to be well run by people who care for their nation's natural heritage.

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