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What we listen to has been found to have a significant impact on our ability to concentrate.

Researchers have studied how sound affects our performance. Groups of students were given a study task, whilst listening to either classical music, rock music, nature sounds, or even silence. The surprise result? Nature by a country mile.

It makes sense. Any music with lyrics is going to be distracting. Instrumental music is based around either predictability (Vivaldi, new age...), or drama (Beethoven, jazz…). Whichever way you go, it's either soporific, or it grabs your attention when you don't need it to. And perfect silence has been found to be equally unsettling.

Our senses and minds have evolved in the natural world. Nature's sounds are the brain food we need.

We've selected these recordings as subtle and non-intrusive soundscapes, allowing you to be immersed in a natural soundworld, while getting on with what you need to do. Effectively.

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Serra dos Orgaos

By Juan Pablo Culasso. Two dawn choruses, recorded the same morning - one highland, one lowland - in Brazil's Serra dos Órgãos

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Song of the Blackbird

The melodious songs of Blackbirds ring out during a European spring dawn chorus.

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Songbird Virtuosos of Australia

This album highlights the most unique voices among Australia's songbirds; Kookaburra, Pied Butcherbird, Magpie, Whistler, Bellbird & Lyrebird


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Sulawesi - Heart of the Indonesian Rainforest

Discover the lush rainforests of Sulawesi from the lowlands to montane cloudforests - a land where beauty and mystery are everywhere

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Summer Thunderstorm

Thunder rolls around the sky, as afternoon storms gather overhead and rain gently falls

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Sunbird Forest

Sunbirds and Whistling Thrushes are heard in the evergreen forests of Goa, India.

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Taiga - Europe's Boreal Wilderness

Delicate birdsong and the distant murmur of wind and water drift across an elemental landscape.

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Tall Forest

A day in Australia's cool mountain forests - glorious morning birdsong through to the secret nocturnal sounds of owls and possums.

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The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains - birdsong in a majestic landscape of blue gum forests, wide ridgetops and deep gorges.

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The First Week of Spring

Delicate birdsong fills a woodland in the first days of a European spring

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The Himalaya

An inspiring landscape of rushing streams, high meadows, and ancient forests of oak and rhododendron filled with delicate birdsong.

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The Last Wild Island - Tetepare

Primary rainforest echoes with rare and endemic birdsong on the tropical island of Tetepare

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The River Forest

Gentle morning birdsong and frogcalls from the river red gum forests of the Murray river

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The Sacred Forests of India - Nagarahole

India's remarkable wildlife - elephants, monkeys, deer, tiger, and a wealth of birdsong - are heard in deep forests of teak, rosewood and bamboo.

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The Wild Places

by Mark Brennan. A sonic journey through the 10,000 year-old ecosystems of the Canadian wilderness.

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Time for the Tarkine

Free Download Album. A listening journey into the Tarkine - the largest temperate rainforest in the Southern hemisphere.

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Uluru - Australia's Red Centre

A sonic journey to Uluru (Ayers Rock), and the biodiverse desert landscapes of central Australia.

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Welcome to the Atlantic Forest

By Juan Pablo Culasso. Beautiful birdsong is heard during a day in Brazil's Atlantic rainforest.

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