Deep Listening to Nature

Deep Listening to Nature

by Andrew Skeoch

Deep Listening to Nature is an invitation to open our ears to the natural world.

Beginning by tuning in to the lives of creatures around us, Andrew discusses how to identify species by call, interpret their communications and find empathy for their sentience.

Part reflection, part nature and travel diary, Andrew asks the question: What does listening reveal about how the living systems of nature function, and why do birds in particular negotiate their interactions in such lyrical and extraordinary ways?

He concludes by suggesting we not only listen to learn about nature, but learn from nature. He asks how, in our current environmental crisis, we may mimic what the biosphere has achieved in sustaining life as we move toward an ecological future and in doing so, form a deeper and more personal connection to Country.

Andrew encourages us to be still and listen. Take our time. Extend our senses. Let nature get to know us, and in its own way, to welcome us.


The book is accompanied by an online soundtrack of nearly 300 recordings which bring the text to life.

Paperback, 296pp
ISBN: 978-0-6457563-0-2
Published by Listening Earth
© Andrew Skeoch 2023

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Praise for Deep Listening to Nature:

'Andrew's book is filled with his boots-on-the-ground, ears-to-the-bush field experiences around the world, with keen and surprising observations on sound and the stories it tells us, that make us hear the world – and our place in it – in a new way'

Jennifer Ackerman, author of The Bird Way and The Genius of Birds

'A wonderful, beguiling book, inviting us back home to nature, from which only delusion has estranged us.'

Robyn Davidson, author of Tracks

'Succeeds in awakening the ears'

Tim Low, author of Where Song Began

'A Book of uplifting revelations'

Bob Brown, environmentalist and former Australian senator

'It reads like a love letter to nature. I felt I was on a journey into becoming a listener, and I didn't want the journey to stop.'

Dr Sue Gould, conservation ecologist

'I was very moved reading this, I feel Andrew offers people a whole new insight into our relationship with the world. This book will be loved by many, and help us return closer to the Earth.'

Brian Walters, AM SC

'This fascinating book is a convincing argument for why we must listen to our environment and all within it. It also shows us the pleasure and privilege which awaits anyone who is willing to listen deeply.'

Dr Lynne Kelly, AM, author of The Memory Code, Memory Craft

'I loved Deep Listening to Nature and found it both meditative and moving to read – an antidote to the trauma of world events going on around us. The vicarious travel to some of the most remote areas of the world was a wonderful added bonus – a peek not just at the landscape, but the biodiversity and sounds of the natural habitat. What a joy.'

Kristin Gill, publishing consultant