Asia has the oldest rainforests in the world, some having existed for over 150 million years.

The life and sound of these environments is wonderful; gibbons, sunbirds, hornbills... a feast for the ear.

So journey to the tropics for some truly beautiful and exotic listening.

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A Forest Trail to the Burmese Hills

Exotic birdsong is heard on a forest trail that winds into remote hill forests of western Thailand.

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A Tropical Night

Nightsounds from a tropical forest in the small hours before dawn.

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Asian Meadow

Exotic birdsong fills an open pine meadow in Northern Thailand.

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Cloudforest - Malaysia

A gentle album, featuring the abundance of life found in Malaysia's mountain forests.

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Gibbon Forest

The wild and wonderful calling of gibbons echoes through a Thai rainforest.

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Khao Yai Rainforest

Occasional birdsong and a susuration of soft insects filters through the rainforest canopy of Khao Yai

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Rainforest Morning in Thailand

Morning birdsong fills an evergreen forest in Thailand, one of the world's ecological hotspots.

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Shama Song

The White-rumped Shama has one of the most beautiful songs among the birds of Asia's forests.

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Sulawesi - Heart of the Indonesian Rainforest

Discover the lush rainforests of Sulawesi from the lowlands to montane cloudforests - a land where beauty and mystery are everywhere

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Where the Jungle meets the Sea

Tropical island birdsong with the wash of waves on a coral shell beach.

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