For the amphibophile in you!

Frog choruses are a wonder of the natural world - rhythmic, textural, and featuring some rather characterful vocalists.

So come down to the pond, reedbed or riverside for a gentle symphony of clicks, croaks, whirs, and maybe even a "ribbit" or two!

(Some of these recordings are dedicated to frogs, on others there may be just a track or two.)

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A Tropical Night

Nightsounds from a tropical forest in the small hours before dawn.

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Adirondack Lake

Spring passerine birdsong and the deep growls of bullfrogs drift across a small lake at dawn in the Adirondack Mountains

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An Evening in the Australian Bush

Discover the variety of nocturnal sounds to be heard in the Australian bush; gliders, owls, possums and nightjars

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Bush Waterhole at Dusk

A chorus of frogs begin calling as shadows lengthen over a tranquil bush waterhole.

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Echoes from the Ancient Forest

by Izabela Dluzyk. A sound journey to one of the last virgin forests of Europe – the Bialowieza forest in Poland.

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Frogs, Frogs, Frogs!

Frogs - the masters of natural rhythm! This album presents a symphony of talented amphibians from around Australia.

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Gibbon Forest

The wild and wonderful calling of gibbons echoes through a Thai rainforest.

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Northern Wetland

by Mark Brennan. A rich, sonic journey through the bogs, fens and marshes of Canada's Boreal wetlands

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Rainforest Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in the lush, green world of a tropical rainforest.

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The Walka Wetlands

A day by the shores of Walka Lake, where swans, coots and ducks call from the waters and bush birdsong is heard from surrounding woodlands.

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The Whistlers of Kolombangara

The extraordinary rhythmic song of Golden Whistlers fills the rainforest of Kolombangara Island.

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