Island Life

Tropical islands, beaches, coral reefs, swaying palms… all far removed from the bustle of the mainland - these are the images we associate with island living.

However islands are also home to fascinating wildlife and soundscapes. Many islands have evolved species found nowhere else on earth, and island chains - the Galapagos and Solomons for example - are places where whole families of birds and animals have developed uniquely on neighbouring islands.

These albums present both opportunities to explore some of this planets most unique sound environments, and some nicely chilled out soundscapes.

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Coral Beach

Gentle waves wash ashore on a tropical island, with coral fragments tinkling in the backwash.

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Native Birdsong of New Zealand

Kiwis, Kokakos, Kakas, Kererus, Kakarikis... the wonderous sounds of New Zealand's rare endemic songbirds.

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Pacific Rainforest - Vanuatu

The mellow whistles of Shrikebills and other rare birdsong blends with the murmur of Fruit Doves and distant wave wash in an island rainforest

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Sulawesi - Heart of the Indonesian Rainforest

Discover the lush rainforests of Sulawesi from the lowlands to montane cloudforests - a land where beauty and mystery are everywhere

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The Last Wild Island - Tetepare

Primary rainforest echoes with rare and endemic birdsong on the tropical island of Tetepare

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The Monarchs of Tetepare

An ethereal choir of White-capped Monarchs sing serenely in the predawn on Tetepare Island.

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The Whistlers of Kolombangara

The extraordinary rhythmic song of Golden Whistlers fills the rainforest of Kolombangara Island.

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Where the Jungle meets the Sea

Tropical island birdsong with the wash of waves on a coral shell beach.

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Zanzibar: Rainforest of the Spice Island

The rich soundscape of an equatorial rainforest off the African coast.

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