New Zealand

The ecosystems and wildlife native to New Zealand have been evolving in isolation for millenia. Its ancient forests are dominated by huge tree ferns and podocarp tree species which date back to the time of the dinosaurs.

Whilst New Zealand has relatively few songbird species, those it does have are extraordinary; Tuis, Bellbirds, Kakas and Kokakos... all famed for the beauty and uniqueness of their songs.

This is the dawn chorus described by eighteenth-century naturalist Joseph Banks as "the most melodious wild musick I have ever heard"

That much of this biodiversity still survives, and the dawn chorus can be heard, is due largely to the commitment of ordinary New Zealanders who have dedicated their efforts to conservation. The recordings offered here are a tribute to their work.

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Dawn Chorus: New Zealand

The warbling of Tuis begins a vibrant dawn chorus of New Zealand's native birdsong

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Dawnsong of Tuis

The beautiful, ringing tones of the Tui echo through a towering New Zealand forest

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Native Birdsong of New Zealand

Kiwis, Kokakos, Kakas, Kererus, Kakarikis... the wonderous sounds of New Zealand's rare endemic songbirds.

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