Andrew & Sarah's Favourites

After 20 years of field recording, there are occasions and places we look back on as being highlights.

This is our personal pick of the most beautiful, evocative and fascinating recordings we've made.

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Echoes in a Secret Gorge

The sounds of ibex, snowcock, owls, swifts, choughs and sheep bells echo around a deep, hidden gorge in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey.

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Indian Woodland Birdsong

A perfect morning of birdsong from the Deccan woodlands of India.

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On the Banks of the Emerald River

Lawn Hill Gorge: an oasis for birdlife in northern Australia. Here a river of emerald green flows through a rainforest alive with rare tropical birdsong.

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Safari - An African Wildlife Encounter

Lions, hippos, wildebeest, leopard, zebra, impala... get up close with wildlife on the African savannah.

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Spirit of the Outback

Discover the magic of the living outback. This album contains some of our most evocative recordings.

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Sulawesi - Heart of the Indonesian Rainforest

Discover the lush rainforests of Sulawesi from the lowlands to montane cloudforests - a land where beauty and mystery are everywhere

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The Great Rann

Desert birdsong and the sounds of waterfowl on perenial wetlands from the unique Rann of Kutch region in northwest India.

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The Himalaya

An inspiring landscape of rushing streams, high meadows, and ancient forests of oak and rhododendron filled with delicate birdsong.

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The Monarchs of Tetepare

An ethereal choir of White-capped Monarchs sing serenely in the predawn on Tetepare Island.

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The Pied Butcherbirds of Ormiston Gorge

100th Album Celebration: Pied Butcherbirds sing by moonlight with melodic grace, their voices echoing from the rock walls of Ormiston Gorge

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The Sacred Forests of India - Nagarahole

India's remarkable wildlife - elephants, monkeys, deer, tiger, and a wealth of birdsong - are heard in deep forests of teak, rosewood and bamboo.

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The Whistlers of Kolombangara

The extraordinary rhythmic song of Golden Whistlers fills the rainforest of Kolombangara Island.

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