The Pacific

The vast Pacific Ocean, studded with remote and tiny islands and bounded by the great continents, covers nearly half the planet's surface.

From the equatorial jungles of New Guinea and the Solomons, to the temperate forests of New Zealand, and those distant islands often home to unique wildlife found nowhere else, the Pacific region offers a rich variety of listening experiences.

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Coral Beach

Gentle waves wash ashore on a tropical island, with coral fragments tinkling in the backwash.

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Highland Rain

A gentle rainstorm soaks the cloudforest in the New Guinea highlands

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Mossforest - New Guinea

A rare recording of the soundscape from cloudforest high in the mountains of New Guinea.

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Pacific Rainforest - Vanuatu

The mellow whistles of Shrikebills and other rare birdsong blends with the murmur of Fruit Doves and distant wave wash in an island rainforest

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Papuan Dawn

3 hour recording over dawn in the mountain rainforest of Papua New Guinea’s remote Huon peninsula.

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The Last Wild Island - Tetepare

Primary rainforest echoes with rare and endemic birdsong on the tropical island of Tetepare

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The Melodious Forest - Papua New Guinea's Uplands

An extended recording from Papua's mid-altitude rainforests, which are rich in melodious birdsong

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The Monarchs of Tetepare

An ethereal choir of White-capped Monarchs sing serenely in the predawn on Tetepare Island.

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The Whistlers of Kolombangara

The extraordinary rhythmic song of Golden Whistlers fills the rainforest of Kolombangara Island.

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