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Nature soundscape recording is an evolving artform, with talented exponents worldwide.

We feel privileged to have wonderful colleagues, friends - kindred spirits, and we'd like to provide this opportunity to make some of their work available here.

Each of these nature sound artists has their own style and aesthetic - their unique way of hearing the natural world around them.

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Mark Brennan (Canada)

Mark Brennan

Mark explores the human relationship to all things wild, both through nature recording and his other love, landscape painting. His soundscape recordings represent the diminishing wilderness near his home in Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada - they are both art and a document for those species who have no voice.

“My work is about connection, awareness and understanding. It is an attempt to bring the listener closer to nature, to immerse them within it through sound, and to provoke them in such a positive way, that they are moved by what they hear.”

Juan Pablo Culasso (Brazil)

Juan Pablo Culasso

Juan lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, although born in Uruguay, and has been blind since birth. With the assistance of his father in the field, and a voice interactive screen reader on his Mac in the studio, Juan captures the natural soundscapes of his native country.

"Since childhood, I have had a strong connection with birds. Just because the eyes do not see them, does not mean you cannot know. I 'see' them through their voices."

Listen to this BBC interview with Juan at AvistarSãoPaolo 2012

Geoff Sample (UK)

Geoff Sample

Currently based in Northumberland, UK, Geoff describes himself as 'a musician and a listener'.

"Some 20 years ago, I realised that the most wonderful music was going on out there, in the natural world, and we were missing it."

“Habitats and species were, and still are, disappearing. I feel the best thing I can do with my life is to seek out places and times that reveal the deep evolutionary beauty of life on earth, and share it with anyone who has a mind to listen. The process of recording connects me with something bigger than man, and I feel at home.”

Veljo Runnel (Estonia)

Veljo Runnel

"I have been very keen on nature since early childhood, so naturally I followed my path to study biology in University of Tartu.

The more I got into the details of natural world, the more I was overwhelmed with the beauty of it and wished somehow to express my experiences. First came photography, but then I discovered the possibilities of sound recording. Capturing the details and moods of nature with a sound recorder has become part of my life in last decade. I have been doing some work for radio, recording sound for films, running workshops and courses.

However most important for me has been nature education, where I can bring audiovisuals and knowledge together, and do something for the sake of preserving our beautiful natural world."

Veljo's website
Veljo's recordings on soundcloud

Izabela Dluzyk (Poland)

Izabela Dluzyk

Blind from birth, Izabela has always been sensitive to sounds. Her fascination with nature began when she was eleven years old, and soon embraced sound recording. Now, after fifteen years, this activity still remains one of her greatest passions.

"Through recording nature, I try to capture its beauty, its subtle music, its gentle voice. For me, it is also about the mystery: the mystery of life – this indescribable treasure we share with all the other creatures, the mystery of my place as a human in the world, of fleeting moments, of sadness and hope brought by changing seasons...

"It is through observing nature that I've received perhaps the greatest lessons. Grateful for what nature has taught me, I'm pleased that I can share through my work some glimpses of its wisdom and beauty."

Dan Dugan (USA)

Dan Dugan

In 1968, Dan was the first person to be credited in theater as a "Sound Designer", and is widely respected in the audio industry for his innovations and experience. He has been a technical advisor to the Nature Sounds Society for over 20 years, and has recorded widely in National Parks across the American west.

"Nature, art, science, camping, engineering - all together! What could be better?"

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A Wilderness Lake

by Mark Brennan. Spring comes to the forested shoreline of remote lakes in Eastern Canada.

Listen, more info

Bialowieza I - Stara Twilight

by Geoff Sample. Deep forest birdsong, timeless and distinctively European, from the Bialowieza Forest in Poland.

Listen, more info

Bialowieza II - Riverine Scenes

by Geoff Sample. The second of two albums of deep forest birdsong, mellifluous and distinctively European, from the Bialowieza Forest in Poland.

Listen, more info

Campinarama - The Unheard Amazon

by Juan Pablo Culasso. Soundscapes from tropical grasslands and riverine forests of a little known region of the vast Amazon basin.

Listen, more info

Dawn Chorus

by Geoff Sample. In a northern England wood, the rich sonic tapestry of a spring dawn chorus builds gradually, before waning to a spacious symphony

Listen, more info

Echoes from the Ancient Forest

by Izabela Dluzyk. A sound journey to one of the last virgin forests of Europe – the Bialowieza forest in Poland.

Listen, more info

Five Natural Pieces

by Veljo Runnel. Five soundscapes from Estonia, meditations on time and space in nature.

Listen, more info

Les Suetes

by Mark Brennan. Summer season birdsong and the sigh of boreal winds, heard in a Canadian lake shore forest.

Listen, more info

Morning at the Lutownia River

by Izabela Dluzyk. A single-take recording of a morning soundscape made near the Lutownia river in the Bialowieza primeval forest in Poland

Listen, more info

Morning Soundscapes from the Biebrza Marshes

by Izabela Dluzyk. A journey in sound through one of the last untamed river valleys in Europe – the Biebrza in Poland.

Listen, more info

Northern Wetland

by Mark Brennan. A rich, sonic journey through the bogs, fens and marshes of Canada's Boreal wetlands

Listen, more info


by Mark Brennan. Journey deep into the wild forests, lakes and rivers of NE Canada's Kejimkujik National Park.

Listen, more info

Serra dos Orgaos

By Juan Pablo Culasso. Two dawn choruses, recorded the same morning - one highland, one lowland - in Brazil's Serra dos Órgãos

Listen, more info

Sound Journey to Emajoe-Suursoo

by Veljo Runnel. One of Europe's last truly wild places - the wetlands of Estonia's Emajogi River delta come alive with a fabulous diversity of life in the spri

Listen, more info

The Wild Places

by Mark Brennan. A sonic journey through the 10,000 year-old ecosystems of the Canadian wilderness.

Listen, more info

Welcome to the Atlantic Forest

By Juan Pablo Culasso. Beautiful birdsong is heard during a day in Brazil's Atlantic rainforest.

Listen, more info

Yosemite: Mariposa Grove Dawn

by Dan Dugan. A magnificent Sierra Nevada dawn chorus at the peak of the breeding season.

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