Africa is everything you imagine it to be - vast open plains and remote mountain forests, home of amazing wildlife and alive with birdsong.

These recordings will invigorate your senses, and transport you to the heart of Wild Africa.

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An African Night

A hypnotic and gently pulsing chorus of night insects from the East African savannah.

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Dawn Chorus: Tanzania

Morning Thrushes begin a daybreak of wonderfully rich birdsong from East Africa

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Equatorial Africa - The Forests of Arusha

Colobus monkeys and exotic birdsong are heard in the equatorial forests of Africa's Mt. Meru

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Safari - An African Wildlife Encounter

Lions, hippos, wildebeest, leopard, zebra, impala... get up close with wildlife on the African savannah.

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The First Dawn

Africa - the cradle of humanity. This soundscape from the wooded edge of a seasonal lake may be little changed from what our distant ancestors knew.

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Zanzibar: Rainforest of the Spice Island

The rich soundscape of an equatorial rainforest off the African coast.

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