Best Sellers - The Top 10

No, we won't be doing a greatest hits album!

However, over the years, these have consistently been our best-selling titles. Two of them - 'A Morning in the Australian Bush' and 'Favourite Australian Birdsong' - have achieved gold album status. Many of these consistent titles also contain some of our best nature recordings.

So if you're new to our albums, we recommend these as a satisfying introduction.

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A Madrigal of Magpies

A celebration of the beautiful songs of the Australian Magpie.

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A Morning in the Australian Bush

A morning of Australian bush birdsong. Our most popular album.

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An Evening in the Australian Bush

Discover the variety of nocturnal sounds to be heard in the Australian bush; gliders, owls, possums and nightjars

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Australian Creeks & Waterfalls

A subtropical landscape album - clear waters flow through lush rainforest.

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Favourite Australian Birdsong

Our collection of the most beautiful birdsong from around Australia.

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Rain in the Forest

A gentle rainshower refreshes the forest.

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Safari - An African Wildlife Encounter

Lions, hippos, wildebeest, leopard, zebra, impala... get up close with wildlife on the African savannah.

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Songbird Virtuosos of Australia

This album highlights extraordinary voices among Australia's songbirds; Kookaburra, Pied Butcherbird, Magpie, Whistler, Bellbird & Lyrebird


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Spirit of the Outback

Discover the magic of the living outback. This album contains some of our most evocative recordings.

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Surf, Beach & Shoreline

The timeless flow of the ocean, waves breaking on golden sands.

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