Running Time:

60 min

Release Date:

April 1996

Recording Location:

Track 1-2: Warby Ranges, NE Vic
Track 3: near Bowen, central Qld
Track 4: Killawarra SF, NE Vic
Track 5-9: Sundown NP, SE Qld
Track 10: Inglewood Forest, SE Qld
Track 11: near Wollemi, central east NSW
Track 12: Gunoo SF, near Dubbo, NSW
Track 13-14: Sundown NP, SE Qld
Track 15: Capertee Valley, NSW
Track 16-19: Gunoo SF, near Dubbo, NSW
Track 20: near Wollemi, central east NSW

A Morning in the Australian Bush

This album features a morning of birdsong in what many would recognise as typical Australian bush; the temperate eucalypt woodlands of the south and east.

Beginning with the first sounds usually heard around dawn - kookaburras and magpies - we listen through to mid-morning as a variety of familiar species are active and vocal. Much Australian birdsong is unique and full of character; the yahooing of babblers, 'talking' of friarbirds, delicate trills of fairy-wrens, and the sublime song of pied butcherbirds.

This tapestry of birdsong brings to life the atmosphere of Australia's unique woodlands.

Andrew comments:

"This album has been our best-selling title ever since it was first released. Which was a long time ago, as it was one of our first nature recordings.

"We actually had the title of the album before we began our field work. So the six months we took exploring eastern Australia were a search for the sounds that typified the Aussie bush. It became a journey of discovery for us, because at that time we were still learning, both our craft and the birdsong, so this album contains many unexpected delights."

"If you want to let someone hear what Australia sounds like, this album is a good place to start."

Listening notes for this album

Audio sample of this album


First Light:



Laughing Kookaburras



Australian Magpies



Bush Curlews



Dawn Chorus:



Superb Fairy-wrens and Fuscous Honeyeaters



Willie Wagtails



Noisy Friarbird



Grey-crowned Babblers






Pied Butcherbirds



Turquoise Parrot



Restless Flycatchers



Pied Currawongs and White-winged Choughs



Striped Honeyeater



Rainbow Bee-eaters



White-throated Gerygone



White-browed Babblers






Mixed Flock of Thornbills and Weebills



Jacky Winter



Sacred Kingfisher



Olive-backed Oriole



Rufous Whistler


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Customer reviews of this album

I play your album "A Morning in the Australian Bush" in the clinic daily, and our clients love it.

Ranee, Australia

I bought two of your CDs recently, 'Favourite Australian Birdsong' and 'A Morning in the Australian Bush'. Both are excellent and I could recognise many birds which are so hard to see, but, together with my book on birds and your CD, I could finally locate some of them. Particularly helpful I found to be your field notes, which I could print out from your website.

Christine, Australia

I just wanted to say many thanks for all your beautiful recordings ('Spirit of the Outback', 'A Morning in the Australian Bush', 'A Walk in the Rainforest'). I am also very proud to say that they were the first recordings that we played our daughter, who was born last week. (My wife and I are both musicians so it was a big decision!)

As an Australian freelance artist, now living in Berlin for ten years, it is really great -- although sometimes very sad! -- to have these wonderful recordings playing in the apartment, and now to give our daughter the opportunity to soak up these sounds as well!

Thomas, Germany

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