Grasslands & Savannahs

Grasslands and savannahs, particularly in tropical regions, are often biodiversity hotspots.

The soundscapes one hears in these habitats can be rich and varied, open and spacious, with delicate and textured birdsong, occasional calls of browsing animals or the soft hum of insects.

While some locations, such as Africa's Serengeti, are iconic landscapes, others are little known and appreciated. With these recordings you can explore a range of the world's wilder and less familiar soundscapes.

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An African Night

A hypnotic and gently pulsing chorus of night insects from the East African savannah.

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Asian Meadow

Exotic birdsong fills an open pine meadow in Northern Thailand.

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Budgerigar Country

Budgerigars, Cockatiels and Pink Cockatoos are heard in this extended, 'single-take' recording from the dry inland of Australia.

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Dawn Chorus: Tanzania

Morning Thrushes begin a daybreak of wonderfully rich birdsong from East Africa

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Fitzroy River Gorge

Fairy martins twitter overhead, while tropical birdsong echoes off the rockwalls of a remote gorge in Australia's north

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Paperbarks by Still Water

Sit under paperbark trees by the still waters of Cajeput Waterhole, with a wealth of birdsong all around

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Safari - An African Wildlife Encounter

Lions, hippos, wildebeest, leopard, zebra, impala... get up close with wildlife on the African savannah.

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The First Dawn

Africa - the cradle of humanity. This soundscape from the wooded edge of a seasonal lake may be little changed from what our distant ancestors knew.

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The Great Rann

Desert birdsong and the sounds of waterfowl on perenial wetlands from the unique Rann of Kutch region in northwest India.

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The Gulf Country - Northern Australia

A spectacularly diverse morning of birdsong from the savannah grasslands of northern Australia

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