Running Time:

117 min

Release Date:

March 2010

Recording Location:

An ephemeral waterhole, 120 km northwest of Bourke, northern NSW

Budgerigar Country

Hear Budgerigars in their natural habitat - the dry, inland of Australia.

Nesting in ancient, gnarled eucalypts by an ephemeral waterhole, Budgies can be heard calling as they socialise and fly off to feed. Nearby, prolifically flowering eremophila bushes attract Spiney-cheeked Honeyeaters, with their lovely wheazy calls.
Also to be heard are a great variety of desert birdlife, including occasional groups of Cockatiels as they wing overhead, Red-backed Kingfishers, Galahs, Magpie Larks, Mulga Parrots, Spotted Bowerbirds, tiny Diamond Doves, and delicately-coloured Pink Cockatoos.

A subtle and beautiful recording from the home of the wild Budgerigar.

Note: This album comprises one 'single-take' recording, divided into three tracks for convenience of listening. We wanted to make the full recording available, and the downloadable version of this album plays for nearly 2 hours. Due to limitations in capacity however, only the first two tracks could be included on the CD version.

Audio sample of this album


Budgerigar Country, part 1



Budgerigar Country, part 2



Budgerigar Country, part 3


Customer reviews of this album

Thank you so much! I am playing it now and even though it is passed midnight here in Norway, my budgie - Henrikke - is answering! (By the way she also loves the album "Happy Budgies"!)

Elizabeth, Norway

I downloaded Budgerigar County yesterday, and wanted you to know how much my budgies love it.

I've played YouTube budgie sounds for them before, but that seems to over stimulate them. Budgerigar Country, on the other hand, has had an animating effect yet calms them too. I loop it on my laptop to play all day, and they hop around chirping, fluttering, flying, and eventually settle in talking to themselves. It really has been amazing how varied their reactions have been.

We recently doubled the size of their aviary, and I honestly believe this recording has helped them adjust much more quickly to all the redecorating and expanded space. Take care and thanks for such a wonderful and affordable product!

Christy, USA

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