Running Time:

63 min

Release Date:

October 2008

Recording Location:

Macdonnell Ranges, central Australia

Happy Budgies

Recorded in the deserts of Australia - the home of the Budgerigar - this album presents the calls and songs of wild Budgerigars.

Communally roosting Budgies awake at first light, chattering amiably, before fluttering off in small groups to feed. Throughout the day they are heard communicating socially while interacting, feeding and preening, including contented, quiet subsong. As well as Budgies, you will hear a range of Australia's inland birdlife.

Budgies are very social and vocal birds, and this recording is intended to bring health-promoting stimulation to pet birds and relaxing listening for their owners.

Audio sample of this album


Budgerigars Waking Up



Budgerigar Country I



Budgie Chatterings



Quiet Subsong



Budgerigar Country II



Flock Flight and Communication


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Customer reviews of this album

I just bought two blue budgies and they were terrified when I got them home. They sat together and didn't move, didn't eat, didn't chirp at all, so I was very worried about them. Then I started researching for sounds in google and came upon your website. I bought the album download, and all of a sudden my birds "came to life". It was so cute and funny to see, they now felt like they were home. They started chirping and chatting away, explored their cage, ate and preened themselves. What a difference this album has made for me and my new little friends. Thank you so much for recording these albums!

Robin, USA

If you want to make your birds feel happy and give them an idea about how a large flock sounds, you should listen to "Happy Budgies"... My birds really enjoy it and start singing immediately whenever they hear it. It's easy to see how much they appreciate hearing the songs of other birds, and it's also amazing that wild budgies and captive ones sound slightly different.

Gaby, Germany

'Happy Budgies' lives up to its title by cheering up our two budgies deep into the gloom of a UK winter. It seems to work like a mood enhancer - they immediately start to sing more, preen more and the female starts romancing the male. We have a new boy budgie who is finger tame, but very quiet and nervous, and I think he is listening to the sounds intently to learn a song repertoire. This is now their number one album!

Julie, UK

I never anticipated how much my own parakeets would love this!

'Pretty Eyes', California

Because I loved the album so much and think it has had such a positive influence on my budgies I am awarding you and your website the 'My Budgie Bible' webaward!

Cairn F. Newton, USA

OMG, I have a new budgie she is blue, 8 weeks old and her names Princess. She was really shy, but once she heard the music she just lightned up and all of a sudden started jumping around and singing she started to hang upside down from her cage and her toys, this CD is highly recommened if you want a happy budgie - Thankyou so much!


I purchased “Happy Budgies” as a digital download several weeks back. ‘George’, ‘Mildred’ & ‘Maxine’ wish to pass on their thanks to Andrew and Sarah... They love it !


I bought ‘Happy Budgies’ yesterday night and played it for my little female budgie today. She was absolutely delighted to hear them, calling & chirping along and was very excited! A lot of fun for us both! Thank you so much & keep up the good work! Best regards from myself & Henrikke the budgie!

Elisabeth, Norway

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