Many terrestrial mammals communicate by use of smell and scent. However many vocalise too, and often spectacularly.

These recordings bring you the 'big' sounds of nature, those of wild animals in their natural habitats. From the great - lions, elephants, hippos - to the small - primates, squirrels, chipmunks and possums...

These recordings place the sounds of animals in the context of their environment. In some cases they are the feature, but more often they are an occasional part of the sonic landscape.

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Equatorial Africa - The Forests of Arusha

Colobus monkeys and exotic birdsong are heard in the equatorial forests of Africa's Mt. Meru

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Gibbon Forest

The wild and wonderful calling of gibbons echoes through a Thai rainforest.

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Indian Jungle Dawn

A beautiful morning of birdsong unfolds in one of India's rare lowland forests.

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Indian Woodland Birdsong

A perfect morning of birdsong from the Deccan woodlands of India.

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Safari - An African Wildlife Encounter

Lions, hippos, wildebeest, leopard, zebra, impala... get up close with wildlife on the African savannah.

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Spirit of the Outback

Discover the magic of the living outback. This album contains some of our most evocative recordings.

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Sunbird Forest

Sunbirds and Whistling Thrushes are heard in the evergreen forests of Goa, India.

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Tall Forest

A day in Australia's cool mountain forests - glorious morning birdsong through to the secret nocturnal sounds of owls and possums.

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The First Dawn

Africa - the cradle of humanity. This soundscape from the wooded edge of a seasonal lake may be little changed from what our distant ancestors knew.

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The Sacred Forests of India - Nagarahole

India's remarkable wildlife - elephants, monkeys, deer, tiger, and a wealth of birdsong - are heard in deep forests of teak, rosewood and bamboo.

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Zanzibar: Rainforest of the Spice Island

The rich soundscape of an equatorial rainforest off the African coast.

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