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Gift giving should be thoughtful, fun - and easy!

With our Listening Earth Gift Voucher, you select the amount, and your recipient chooses which album(s) they'd like.

Here's how it works:

1. Fill out the details below (including a personal message) and click 'Add to Cart'. The gift voucher will appear in your cart, along with any other purchases (including additional vouchers) you wish to make at the same time.

2. Once payment has been received, our shop will automatically send an email notifying your friend of the gift, and how to redeem it. They will be invited to our site, to listen and discover what we have to offer here, and choose their album(s).

We hope you enjoy giving the gift of nature.



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$12 (allows 1 regular* album in download format)

$24 (allows 2 albums in download format)

$40 (allows 4 albums in download format)

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Some other suggested amounts:
$25.50 (allows 1 CD + postage within Australia)
$31 (allows 1 CD + postage outside of Australia)
$68 (allows 8 albums in download format)
$90 (allows 12 albums in download format)

* Please note that some albums are more or less than regular pricing. If you have a particular album in mind, please check the pricing and enter a custom amount.


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You may like to email the recipient, advising them of your gift, and ensuring that the Voucher we email them does not end up in their SPAM box (that would be very disappointing!)