For Budgies and their owners

Budgerigars are very social birds, and seem to require the 'vibe' of the flock for their wellbeing.

These recordings were made in remote locations in outback Australia - home of the budgie -  and feature Budgerigars singing along with other species that share their native environment.

The response of domestic budgies to hearing these sounds is often quite extraordinary; they really can get quite animated!

These albums are intended to bring health-promoting stimulation to pet birds (not to mention relaxing listening for their owners).

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Budgerigar Country

Budgerigars, Cockatiels and Pink Cockatoos are heard in this extended, 'single-take' recording from the dry inland of Australia.

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Happy Budgies

From the deserts of Australia, the home of the Budgerigar, this album presents a variety of sounds from flock interaction calls to quiet, contented subsong.

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Spirit of the Outback

Discover the magic of the living outback. This album contains some of our most evocative recordings.

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Uluru - Australia's Red Centre

A sonic journey to Uluru (Ayers Rock), and the biodiverse desert landscapes of central Australia.

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