The Elements

The primal forces of our planet - wind and rain, thunder and lightening.

These are the elemental sounds of nature, and the dramas they tell make for fascinating and evocative listening, from thunder rolling around an ominous sky to rain falling gently on the forest floor.

Some of these recordings focus on the elements primarily. In others, the sounds of wind and weather may feature on a few tracks, or be a pervasive influence throughout.

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Highland Rain

A gentle rainstorm soaks the cloudforest in the New Guinea highlands

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In a Sheltered Valley

Morning birdsong fills a densely forested valley, while an occasional breeze stirs the treetops.

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Rain in the Forest

A gentle rainshower refreshes the forest.

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Sulawesi - Heart of the Indonesian Rainforest

Discover the lush rainforests of Sulawesi from the lowlands to montane cloudforests - a land where beauty and mystery are everywhere

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Summer Thunderstorm

Thunder rolls around the sky, as afternoon storms gather overhead and rain gently falls

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Taiga - Europe's Boreal Wilderness

Delicate birdsong and the distant murmur of wind and water drift across an elemental landscape.

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Tall Forest

A day in Australia's cool mountain forests - glorious morning birdsong through to the secret nocturnal sounds of owls and possums.

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Time for the Tarkine

Free Download Album. A listening journey into the Tarkine - the largest temperate rainforest in the Southern hemisphere.

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