Running Time:

68 min

Release Date:

July 2008

Recording Location:

Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales

In a Sheltered Valley

A forest of ancient eucalypts and majestic tree ferns nestles in a sheltered gully. After several days of bad weather, the wind has abated, and the birds are active.

Birdsong fills the clear morning air, including the voices of Whipbirds, Lyrebirds, Robins, Currawongs, Kookaburras, Silvereyes and Golden Whistlers. A gentle breeze can occasionally be heard on the ridge above and in the crowns of the tallest trees.

This is a lovely album of typical Australian bush birdsong.

Andrew comments:

"This recording was made in a saddle of a high plateau in the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are described as an incised sandstone plateau, where magestic sandstone cliffs drop away from uniform highlands into broad open valleys. At this location however, more modest cliffs protected a small defile from the winds and exposure of the ridgetop. This allowed a lush microclimate, with tree ferns, taller eucalypts and a moist forest floor. Many of the birds you can hear on this recording prefer this slightly moister habitat.

"The topography of the location was also unusual in that the defile acted as a short cut for birds flying between one valley and the next. You can hear this as wave after wave of small birds pass through, accompanied by some larger species such as currawongs and black cockatoos."


"I came across this location during blustery and rainy conditions, and whilst it did provide some shelter, it was only once the wind had a abated somewhat that I could get this recording. For me it captures some distinctive Australian birdsong, and the balance of species and acoustic is particularly enjoyable."


Audio sample of this album


Rose Robin and Whipbird



Golden Whistler and Crimson Rosella



Flocks of Silvereyes



Lyrebird and Currawong


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Customer reviews of this album

I first listened 'Sheltered Valley' without headphones, and liked it very much. It sounded so good that I had to go it through immediately a second time with headphones. Just marvellous, absolutely glorious recording. I was totally captivated by it... immersed in its beautiful rainforest atmosphere. My immediate reaction is to say, that I've never heard so wild and powerful recording. There is a lot of rhythm and energy in it. It just flows dynamically on and on...Whoooh, I'm amazed and speechless. I could have heard it much, much longer, esp for the sake of lyrebird(s)!

Leif, Finland

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