"I have been using bird song on my mobile, and they make the most unoffensive ringtones. You know that frown that often comes over people's faces when a mobile phone rings with the latest Britney Spears song in a public place? I can assure you that a Pied Butcherbird calling on your mobile will only bring smiles from those around you. Just as bird songs should do." - Roy, San Jose, USA

We agree!

Birdsongs and natural sounds make wonderful ringtones. Unlike so many ringtones, these are actually enjoyable to listen to. When your mobile rings, you'll hear evocative sounds from nature.

As you can see, we've had fun here. Some sounds we've included are iconic (Kookaburra), others will grab your attention (Bellbird), some are amusing (male Koala's territorial grunting), and others are just plain beautiful (Malabar Whistling Thrush, Pied Butcherbird).

These collections of sounds feature heaps of biodiversity, so you can choose a different sound for each day, or identify calls from individuals, friends and family.

Each ringtone is between 15-30 secs long, and is encoded in both .mp3 format for regular mobile phones and .mp4 for iPhone.

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Australian Ringtone Collection

25 Australian nature sounds: Kookaburra, Magpie, Koala, Budgerigar, Whipbird, Lyrebird, Butcherbird, Sugar Glider, Bellbird, Blue Wren, Boobook Owl, Pobblebonk Frog, Raven and more...

Indian Ringtone Collection

31 Indian nature sound ringtones, including: Peacock, Elephant, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Barbets, Chital Deer, Flameback, Bulbuls, Hornbill, Langur Monkeys, Parakeets, Sunbird and more...