Overwhelmingly, we’ve seen our customers embrace digital downloads in preference to CDs. Obviously, this makes manufacturing and stocking CDs not viable for us. However, we do have remaining stock, and you're welcome to choose from this selection.

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This transition to digital has allowed us creative freedom to expand our catalogue of recordings, many of which are of longer program duration. Read our thoughts on this here.

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A Madrigal of Magpies

A celebration of the beautiful songs of the Australian Magpie.

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A Morning in the Australian Bush

A morning of Australian bush birdsong. Our most popular album.

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An Evening in the Australian Bush

Discover the variety of nocturnal sounds to be heard in the Australian bush; gliders, owls, possums and nightjars

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Australian Creeks & Waterfalls

A subtropical landscape album - clear waters flow through lush rainforest.

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Favourite Australian Birdsong

Our collection of the most beautiful birdsong from around Australia.

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Happy Budgies

From the deserts of Australia, the home of the Budgerigar, this album presents a variety of sounds from flock interaction calls to quiet, contented subsong.

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Kakadu - Australia's Tropical Wetlands

Dawn at the edge of a tropical billabong at Kakadu, one of Australia's most vibrant natural environments.

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Misty River Dawn

Birdsong echoes over a tranquil river in the stillness of early dawn.

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Rain in the Forest

A gentle rainshower refreshes the forest.

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Rockpool Reflections

This is our only music album, an early recording featuring Andrew playing his own compositions on lute, with birdsong soundscapes from the outback.

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Songbird Virtuosos of Australia

This album highlights extraordinary voices among Australia's songbirds; Kookaburra, Pied Butcherbird, Magpie, Whistler, Bellbird & Lyrebird


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Springtime in the Bush

Uplifting spring birdsong is heard in Australia's eucalypt woodlands.

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Tall Forest

A day in Australia's cool mountain forests - glorious morning birdsong through to the secret nocturnal sounds of owls and possums.

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The Sacred Forests of India - Nagarahole

India's remarkable wildlife - elephants, monkeys, deer, tiger, and a wealth of birdsong - are heard in deep forests of teak, rosewood and bamboo.

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Uluru - Australia's Red Centre

A sonic journey to Uluru (Ayers Rock), and the biodiverse desert landscapes of central Australia.

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