Running Time:

104 min

Release Date:

December 2016

Recording Location:

Biebrza marshes, Poland

Morning Soundscapes from the Biebrza Marshes

by Izabela Dluzyk

Boundless expanses of virgin wetlands and marshes stretching to the horizon; almost a hundred thousand hectares of wild bogs and swamps - this is the valley of the Biebrza, one of the last untamed rivers in Europe.

The Biebrza still flows languidly in wide meanders, just as it has done for thousands of years. Each year in spring, its waters overtop the banks in a huge flood wave, creating life-giving overflow areas. This is a land of wild geese, cranes, beavers, red deer and elks, which has so far managed to retain its primeval nature despite increasing pressure of civilization.

Izabela Comments:

"This album contains recordings made during morning hours in the Biebrza Valley in May 2016, at the Dluga Luka boardwalk, the Barwik reserve and the Honczarowska causeway."

"The recordings have not been modified in any way, they provide a faithful picture of these locations. My wish was to capture at least a faint echo of sonic diversity of this beautiful, but at the same time extremely vulnerable place - a world of marshes and wetlands, which slowly vanishes into the past."

Audio sample of this album


Sunrise at the Biebrza Marshes



Aerial Displays



Silence Full of Voices



Soundscape with a Grasshopper Warbler



Master of Improvisation



One Flew Over the Sedge Warbler's Nest



The Marshes Resound



Noisy Songster



Vigilant Presence



Nightingale with a Blue Bib


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