Noise Masking

One of our listeners described the sounds outside her apartment: construction work, a nearby highway, flightpaths overhead, and a neighbour with a fondness for death metal!

Yes, we all know life can get noisy. It can be irritating and distracting. Often, it is not the actual loudness of sounds, but their character that is distressing.

In situations like this, you need to take control, and create your own natural, sonic environment.

These albums are both vibrant, and of consistent sonic richness to mask out those ever-present clamours around you.

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The Dancing Brolgas of Ooroolanie

Brolgas call among a fantastic diversity of birdlife attracted to an ephemeral wetland in the Australian outback

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The First Dawn

Africa - the cradle of humanity. This soundscape from the wooded edge of a seasonal lake may be little changed from what our distant ancestors knew.

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The Gulf Country - Northern Australia

A spectacularly diverse morning of birdsong from the savannah grasslands of northern Australia

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Time for the Tarkine

Free Download Album. A listening journey into the Tarkine - the largest temperate rainforest in the Southern hemisphere.

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Tropical Queensland Rainforest

Three soundscapes from the world heritage tropical rainforests of North Queensland.

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Welcome to the Atlantic Forest

By Juan Pablo Culasso. Beautiful birdsong is heard during a day in Brazil's Atlantic rainforest.

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Where the Jungle meets the Sea

Tropical island birdsong with the wash of waves on a coral shell beach.

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Yosemite: Mariposa Grove Dawn

by Dan Dugan. A magnificent Sierra Nevada dawn chorus at the peak of the breeding season.

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