Rise & Shine!

Our human ancestors have, for generation after generation, woken with the birds. We live in the 21st century, however our senses are still waiting for the birds to sing us awake. But now we've replaced them with alarm clocks.

These albums bring you the natural sounds of the morning. You'll hear the rhythms of life waking gently; birds, frogs and insects doing what they do to get the day going naturally.

Our listeners have told us of how they play these recordings quietly in their home each new day, or load them on their smart phones or tablets as nature's wake up call. You may just find that you're able to throw your alarm clock out the window.

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The Dancing Brolgas of Ooroolanie

New! Brolgas call among a fantastic diversity of birdlife attracted to an ephemeral wetland in the Australian outback

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The Great Rann

Desert birdsong and the sounds of waterfowl on perenial wetlands from the unique Rann of Kutch region in northwest India.

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The Gulf Country - Northern Australia

A spectacularly diverse morning of birdsong from the savannah grasslands of northern Australia

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The Sacred Forests of India - Nagarahole

India's remarkable wildlife - elephants, monkeys, deer, tiger, and a wealth of birdsong - are heard in deep forests of teak, rosewood and bamboo.

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The Whistlers of Kolombangara

The extraordinary rhythmic song of Golden Whistlers fills the rainforest of Kolombangara Island.

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Time for the Tarkine

Free Download Album. A listening journey into the Tarkine - the largest temperate rainforest in the Southern hemisphere.

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Yosemite: Mariposa Grove Dawn

by Dan Dugan. A magnificent Sierra Nevada dawn chorus at the peak of the breeding season.

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