Running Time:

71 min

Release Date:

February 2009

Recording Location:

Track 1: Kauri Creek, Atherton Tableland
Track 2: Mobo Creek Crater, Atherton Tableland, Danbulla National Park
Track 3: Lacey Creek, Mission Beach.

Tropical Queensland Rainforest

This album brings you the sounds of rainforests in tropical north Queensland. It features three tracks, each a soundscape from highland or lowland habitats in the region around Cairns.

1. Atherton Tableland Dawn - The soft piping of Grey-headed Robins and the exhilarating songs of Spangled Drongos begin a rich dawn chorus in highland rainforest. The Atherton Tableland has some of the best areas of upland rainforest, and this recording takes us into the heart of it.

2. An Afternoon Rainshower - The approaching tropical rainy season is heralded by a light rainshower. This recording was made in Mobo Crater, a extinct volcanic caldera sheltering verdant rainforest, and features a diversity of mid-afternoon birdsong.

3. The Paradise Kingfishers of Lacey Creek - Fluttering elegantly with their long tail-plumes trailing, we hear Paradise Kingfishers among the dawnsongs of a lowland rainforest. Lowland rainforest is rarer than its mountain counterpart, as much of the coastal country has been cleared, often for sugar cane farms. Lacey Creek, near Mission Beach, is not only a precious remnant, but now a stronghold for the endangered Cassowary.

Sarah Comments:

This album was originally released as 'Naturescapes 1', the first in what we conceived as a series of albums featuring acoustic scenes from diverse landscapes. However it wasn't really one of our more brilliant ideas; no one knew what a Naturescape might be, and the album has failed to 'chart', as they say.

Which is disappointing, as these soundscapes are each evocative and enjoyable. So we've retitled the album to feature the rainforests they depict.

(If you've purchased the previous version of this title, this updated version will replace the older one in your order history.)

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Atherton Tableland Dawn



An Afternoon Rainshower



The Paradise Kingfishers of Lacey Creek


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