Running Time:

70 min

Release Date:

August 2006

Recording Location:

Track 1: near Bundaberg, central Qld
Track 10: Big Desert, Western Victoria
Track 11: Southwestern Northern Territory
Track 16: Mootwingee National Park, outback NSW
Others as per tracks

Australia - Natural Soundscapes from an Ancient Land

Australia is a land of unique, wild landscapes - and equally remarkable natural soundscapes.

Let this album take you on a sonic journey around Australia, to a diversity of environments, each with their characteristic birds and animals.

From the Daintree rainforests to the arid Outback, from The Blue Mountains to the Kimberley, from temperate woodlands to the great Karri and Jarrah forests of the south west - this album presents a symphony of natural sounds unique to Australia.

Sarah comments:

"At around 4 minutes or so, each track on this album will take you to a very different part of Australia. The scene changes from one track to the next are quite distinctive, so this album is a good one to listen to attentively, as there is much diversity to enjoy. The audio sample presents some idea of this. It really is a sonic journey."

Audio sample of this album


Welcome to the Australian Bush



Dawn birdsong with Kookaburras



The East Coast



The Blue Mountains (waterfall with Eastern Spinebill, Superb Lyrebird, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters & Grey Fantails)



The Scenic Rim: NE NSW & SE Qld sub-tropical rainforests (with Rufous Fantails, Paradise Riflebird, Golden Whistlers and Eastern Whipbirds)



Fraser Island (White-cheeked Honeyeaters calling at dawn among the dunes)



Tropical Queensland: World Heritage Rainforests



Daintree Rainforest (night rainfall on Licuala Palms with Ornate Nursery Frogs)



Atherton Tableland (highland birdsong featuring Catbird, Pied Monarch, Brown Cuckoo-doves and Large-billed Scrubwrens)



Across the Top End



Gulf Country (mangrove forest at night with White-lipped Tree Frogs)



Kakadu Billabong (wetland birdsong including Darters, Green Pygmy Geese, Whistling Kite & Bar-shouldered Doves)



The Kimberleys (featuring Yellow Oriole, Grey-crowned Babblers, Grey Butcherbirds and Varied Lorikeets)



The Outback



Mallee Country (Gilbert's Whistler, Mulga Parrots, plus White-eared and Brown-headed Honeyeaters)



Mulga Woodlands (featuring Rufous and Brown Songbirds, with Variegated Wren, Chiming Wedgebills and Crested Bellbirds)



Temperate Forests of the South-east



Healesville (forest rainfall, with White-browed Scrubwren, Whipbird & Treecreepers)



The Grampians (featuring Rufous Whistler, Superb Wren, Yellow Robin, Weebills and Gang-gang Cockatoos)



The West



Albany Coast (Rufous Scrubbird and Western Whipbird calling from coastal heaths)



Karri and Jarrah Forests (Grey Thrush, Western Spinebills & White-tailed Black Cockatoos)



Echoes Across an Ancient Land



The Southern Deserts (dawn chorus of Spiney-cheeked Honeyeaters)


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