Andrew Skeoch

author - naturalist - wildlife sound recordist

Notes and References

for Deep Listening to Nature


Supplementary chapter:
The Evolution of Rhythm

Chapter 1: An Invitation to Listening

2. Pauline Oliveros. (2005). Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice. iUniverse.

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4. ... a device to reduce frequencies to an audible range, however this unit is unfortunately no longer available.

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Chapter 2: A Practice of Listening

8. Australian frogs: FrogID, The Australian Museum.

10, 11. Global birds audio:
Cornell Lab of Ornithology, eBird

Chapter 4: Hearing Sentience

17. Carl Safina: In this TED talk, Carl describes empathy with animals around 7:30. Aw, heck, watch the whole thing, it is so worth it.

18. Hollis Taylor. (2017). Absolute Bird, available from

20. View sequencing analysis on Soundtrack page

21. View spectrograms on Soundtrack page

22. BBC segment on the speed of dragonfly perception

Chapter 6: Listening to Deep Time

26. The Greenish Warbler is a well-studied example.

30. View spectrogram analysis on Soundtrack page

Chapter 7: Sonic Strategies

36. Songbird species number among the most populous in the world.

37. View graphs on Soundtrack page

Chapter 11: The Listening Peoples

46. I can’t locate a video of the live seminar I recall, however, here Mary Graham discusses the foundations of Aboriginal thinking, including the idea (around 7 min) that the character of the land had come into the peoples that lived there.

Chapter 12: The Communicating Biosphere

58. An (admittedly visual) example from the lyrics of Canadian singer- songwriter Bruce Cockburn (3rd verse).

Chapter 13: An Ecological Future

60. The Seville Statement on Violence.

61. The Planetary Boundaries concept. Some introductions:
Stockholm Resilience Centre
youtube I
youtube 2

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63. A supplementary chapter to this book dicusses the sonic strategies that may have shaped Hominin evolution.


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71. 'Hearing your Place in Nature': Video of Andrew's TEDx talk in Canberra, 2017

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