Andrew Skeoch

author - naturalist - wildlife sound recordist

Listening Walks, Field Sessions and Workshops

Listening Walks

A listening walk is a rare opportunity to be present in the moment and tune into to the sounds of the world around us. Walking slowly through a natural place, one step after another, feet aware of the earth, ears attuned to the sounds around us, we walk in silence for perhaps 20-30 minutes. At the conclusion, we may share our experiences and discuss what we've heard.

This meditative activity brings us back to being present to the world, and affirming this shared connection with others.

Interpretive Walks

This makes a very appropriate companion activity to a listening walk. Taking the sounds around us, Andrew riffs on what we're hearing, what this tells us about the behaviour of the species, and why it uses the specific sounds it does. This may extend to a discussion of the evolutionary processes that have led to the sounds we hear in nature today.

Field Recording Workshops

Nature sound recording can be enjoyed by anyone, even using equipment commonly to hand (such as a phone). Beginning by considering why we want to record nature sounds, Andrew demonstrates the various microphone and recorder options available to achieve these aims.

He then discusses the field skills involved in working with wildlife and getting microphones into the right location to make clear recordings, either for analysis or for enjoyable listening.

Finally, he shares his expertise to clean up recordings in the studio and create final audio files.

Secret Underwater Sounds

The grunts of fish and sharp clicks of marine shrimp, or the zizzing soundscape of freshwater streams and ponds - listening underwater reveals a whole new world of environmental sound.

Using hydrophones (special microphones to hear underwater), we can explore water bodies for the hidden life they are home to. Likewise, these microphones can be used to listen to organisms in the soil or within trees.

These activities are particularly fascinating to children, as they begin exploring, headphones on, the world around them.

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